Ian "Basezone" Smith

Ian presents Midday's on Mom's, every weekday from noon to 3pm.

Ian is a singer, songwriter, performer and DJ of fine standing, appearing at numerous events supporting the likes of Delux, Robin, Omar and too many others to name.

He was writing and performing music, from 1997-2012 with musical trio 3 Flow, completing 3 UK tours, playing in Las Vegas, and even releasing a single!

He is Manchester, born and bred and has long been a familiar face (and voice) on the music scene. Ian was then known as "MC BaseZone", his name BaseZone was arrived at because of his deep natural speaking voice, his deep Rap vocal, playing Bass Guitar, and from his church background, singing bass on the Choir.

Over the decades, BaseZone has held various club residencies throughout Greater Manchester, presented pirate, community and local radio shows, and successfully delivered several themed club events too.

Singing, MCing and DJing. Basically most forms of entertainment.


Window Cleaners, custard cream biscuits and Dr Pepper drinks.


Ian is a World Champion Street Luge speed record holder, with a top speed confirmed at 101.98mph (164.12km/h) on Crompton Street, Oldham, overseen by his good friend and fellow Boltonian Fred Dibnah.

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