Benny G

At the age of 23, Benny G has been brought up on 90s hip-hop and RnB. Through the influence of his family, these genres are engrained in his musical psyche, as heard in his bright presenting style and love for all things rebellion. Music hardly resonates with anyone more than Benny. It acts as his fuel for talking on the radio.

Born out of Manchester, and of South African heritage, Benny’s uniqueness meant he was always destined for radio. The way he carries himself and his image are a walking impression of hip-hop. There’s truly only one Benny G and it couldn’t have been chance that he walked into Mom’s Spaghetti.  You’ll hear that rebellious vibrance that we both stand for each time you hear him.

Check out Benny’s Youtube channel, LekkerTV, where he talks to your favourite people, discussing his love for sports, fashion & music.


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