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Al and Anna presents Mom’s Mornings weekdays from 9am

Al is our own self-confessed Northern Monkey, released only to present on Mom’s Spaghetti every weekday from 9am.

Al is born and bred in Shaw, Oldham and has been married to Joanne for 28 years,  In the world of showbusiness, 28 years is an eternity! 

Al is a man of many talents, some of them useful.  He’s spent way too much time in retail, alongside hosting corporate and sports events.  He’s also a drone pilot, stadium announcer, and a very accomplished musician.

Scuba Diving, motorcycling, music, cars, tea


Tripe, decaf coffee, red light jumpers


Al is radioactive.  This is thanks to treatment for prostate cancer.  He now has to carry an ID card from the Christie as he has acquired the superpower of being able to set off security alarms in airports and shops.

Anna is a self confessed bolshy Northern lass, who loves nothing more than to sing and dance her way through life! She firmly believes she is the sensible one of the duo and keeps Al firmly in his place.

She is born and bred in Shaw, Oldham and has been “dating” Derrick for nearly 42 years and is a crazy dog lady. Anna has been in the world of show business for almost 65 years now!

She is a crazy dog lady, who can't leave the house without blowing her pooches a kiss and telling them that she loves them!

    Dancing, singing, walking, black pudding from Bury market and getting her seat-belt fastened for her.


    Al, ignorant people (Al), tumble turns and green mint custard.


    Anna's part piece is that she can armpit fart the National Anthem!

Anna can’t even walk her dogs without falling over… 

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